Working committee

Advocacy and Policy

The IIN will advocate for policy and regulations that protect the public and the statewide economy without creating barriers to innovation and growth

What we do

Understanding the interplay of policy and innovation is essential in building a community of stakeholders from various sectors: entrepreneurs, business and industry leaders, policymakers, venture capitalists, government, and academia.

The advocacy and policy committee has three goals:

  • determine how the IIN can best play a role in advocating for higher education, research, and innovation in Illinois
  • develop an advocacy plan that can be used to promote the IIN as a successful collaborative model
  • explore funding opportunities for the IIN through government, foundations, and the private sector


Social Innovation subcommittee

The social innovation subcommittee provides input to and participates in developing a vision and agenda in engaging social innovation to advance IIN initiatives.

Chair: Molly Lamb, Executive Director, Center State Policy and Leadership, UIS