UIC Health Sciences Campus – Rockford intends to create the Illinois Rural Hub to leverage public-private partnerships to provide cutting-edge education and clinical services, and to conduct innovative research, which will spur economic development in rural communities across the state.

Building the Illinois Rural Hub at UICHSC-R will allow for the creation of cutting-edge educational programs, clinical services, and innovative research that will spur economic development in Rockford as well as rural communities across the state. Workforce shortages in healthcare professions continue to plague the U.S., particularly in rural areas. As a leader in rural education for medical, pharmacy, and nursing students and with educational and clinical partnerships throughout the state, UIHSC-R is well positioned to lead the IIN in this endeavor.

The Illinois Rural Hub will include educational programs in public health, dentistry, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician's assistants, and social work. It also will feature an expanded simulation center, an orthopedic gait lab, and an incubator that brings together researchers with an interest in rural health.

Hub contact: Alex Stagnaro-Green