Distillery Labs

Distillery Labs connects people, ideas and resources to launch and grow new businesses in the Greater Peoria community

About Distillery Labs

Distillery Labs’ culture and values are driven by a steadfast focus on the needs and ideas that exist across the Greater Peoria community. We are devoted to connecting individuals from all walks of life with a pathway to success through innovation, technology, knowledge, and leadership.

Distillery Labs’ Values

Welcoming – open doors & open minds

By intentionally creating a safe and supportive environment, we strive to make sure members, guests, and visitors feel their presence and ideas are welcomed.

Accessible – empowered & transparent

We are accessible to everyone, removing barriers and stereotypes with the goal of creating a sense of shared unity and purpose.

Inclusive – valuing the individual

We place value in every person and their ideas, trusting and believing that each has a positive contribution to make and that everyone has a story to share.

Inquisitive – exploration & explanation

Curiosity underlies and extends beyond every act of creativity, giving us the courage to challenge assumptions and remain adaptive to our ever-changing world.

Community-minded – fostering public good

Both internally and externally, we have a bias toward action and collaboration. We succeed and sustain as a community when we work openly and honestly towards a common goal.

Celebratory – success & failure

We are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding meaningful efforts and achievements; believing that celebration of the good and the bad creates a positive impact and learning experience for everyone involved.