Working committee

Education and Workforce Development

The committee works to ensure that there is a continually learning, self-improving, and diverse workforce in Illinois to meet industrial, professional, social, and business demands

What we do

The IIN recognizes the importance of a strong, vibrant and inclusive workforce in Illinois, and seeks to develop connections and programming that achieves that goal.

The committee aims to achieve these objectives:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the current state of education and workforce development in Illinois
  • Identify key economic drivers in Illinois (e.g. manufacturing, healthcare, etc.) and synergies with community college courses and programming
  • Identify pilot projects, including partnerships with community colleges, that can utilize the IIN platform to reach large and diverse audiences and create greater impact by addressing key economic drivers for the state
  • Cultivate partnerships with nonprofits and/or community colleges that currently offer programming that targets equitable workforce development and education in Illinois
  • Identify grant opportunities that could underwrite statewide initiatives in education and workforce development
  • Expand opportunities across the state by providing specific and targeted workforce development that recognizes the need for a diverse workforce